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A Debate on "Robotics Surgery Benefits"

The miracles and wonders performed in the field of science can be truly impressive and mind blowing but sometimes it can also be daunting. The concept behind da Vinci Robotic Surgery could also certainly be considered threatening and nerve-cracking. When the surgeon says they would recommend a surgery named - da Vinci robotic system, it may sound like, a robot is going to perform the operation. But is it the fact?

No! Actually, the da Vinci system is an 'Intuitive Surgical Endoscopic Instrument Control System.' That means the da Vinci surgery is done by the teamwork of computers, electronics and machinery that provides a surgeon with an intuitive tool for seeing and controlling surgical instruments during an operation.

How Does da Vinci Work?

The da Vinci system is fully robotic and it uses robotic arms and instruments to assist the surgeon. The da Vinci robotic system's primary components are a console, a patient-side cart with operating tools and a 3D HD monitor.

Primary Components and Step-by-Step Procedure

Console: The surgeon sits in front of the console while looking into a monitor that shows a 3D image of the inside of the patient's anatomy. From the console, the doctor operates the controls that move the robotic arms of the machine.

Patient-Side Cart: This is the place where the patient is positioned during the surgical procedure. It includes either 3-4 robotic arms that carry out the surgeon's commands.

Instruments: The robotic arms are designed with a variety of instruments that have a greater degree of motion than human arms. Each instrument has a specific purpose: clamping, tissue manipulation or cutting. And also they can operate through small incisions, and this typically means a quicker healing time.

3D HD Vision System: To help the surgeons see the patient's anatomy clear, the da Vinci Robotics comes with a vision system. The system has a flexible tube like structure with a high definition camera and light at the end of the tube called an Endoscope. The camera transmits the captured image to a monitor on a cart which can be viewed by a surgeon.

Operations Performed Using Robotics

- Heart surgery
- Gallbladder removal
- Hip replacements
- Hysterectomy
- Kidney transplant/removal
- Removing cancer tissue
- Prostatectomy
- Tubal ligation

All these are just few of examples of why robotics in surgery has created a milestone in the history of medicine. Robotic surgery offers many benefits to patients compared to open surgery, including:

- Shorter hospitalization
- Reduced pain and discomfort
- Faster recovery time and return to normal activities
- Smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of infection
- Reduced blood loss and transfusions

- Minimal scarring

Major advantages for surgeons using robotic surgery include:

- Greater visualization
- Enhanced dexterity
- Greater precision


With the aid of computer intelligence, the visualization of a procedure and the support for surgical movements is likely to become better and even more precise! In conclusion, the da Vinci Robotic Surgery is really a boon for all complicated surgeries.

Advantages Of Beauty Treatments And Massage

The body massage services that you obtain in Spa Muscat are truly adorable. Not only does it help you enjoy the relaxing moments that you spend during a spa session but cures body ache over a period of time.

Obtaining massage in a reliable spa center is invigorating indeed. You can now obtain massage services at home or in a hotel.

You must have visited different beauty salons to obtain treatment for skin and hair although a lot of these places offer home services as well. Pampering your skin and hair regularly can show up the benefits as you get back the glow and this is possible nowadays due to the spa center that have mushroomed in various parts in cities. In fact, it is said that the beauty treatments that you get in the beauty salon are good enough to leave you pampered. However, there are lots of things that you need to consider before choosing Spa Muscat and availing its services.

Importance of body massage

The body massage services that you obtain in Spa Muscat are truly adorable. Not only does it help you enjoy the relaxing moments that you spend during a spa session but cures body ache over a period of time. All that you need to do is to call up a salon that has expert beauty trainers that are aware of the techniques that can help alleviate chronic pain. Regardless of the medicines that you have regularly for reducing pain, taking a body massage in a spa can help you get relief. In addition to this, spending time in a spa induces good sleep and also assists in losing weight.

Good for skin

You may have developed a tan on your skin and desperately look forward to get immediate treatments for this purpose. Most of the beauty salons ask for money based on the hours of service. Make sure that you have stated your requirements in advance to get the services that you need. The good thing about a spa services is the nature if the treatment that you seek and salons use different natural ingredients for facials in the spa. Facials are good enough when you need to take special care of the fine lines that appear on your face with the process of aging. What's more you can now get Home Service Spa and Massage if you do not find time to visit a beauty salon.

Choosing a trained beautician

The choice of a trained beautician plays an important role when you look forward to get room service massage whether in a hotel or at home. Instead of depending solely on the online resources, a good thing is to follow the recommendations of friends that have availed services from the same beautician. Spa massage has its own benefits and it works wonders for your body and mind.